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CHRIS AND TRAVIS - Carousel Theatre

Reviewed by Penny Warwick

The Carousel Theatre seems like a cruelly small venue for this fantastic show, although being part of such an intimate audience makes you feel like you've stumbled upon a real gem - which this show is. Within moments of arriving due to the unplanned late arrival of a few guests, we were then offered an arm-wrestle-off to decide whether the new arrivals got to steal the best seats. This sets the mood perfectly for forty-five minutes of delightful absurd silliness.

The interplay between these two fringe stalwarts is effortless and as an audience member, you certainly feel that you are watching these two friends have a really great time on stage together. Audience interaction plays a huge role and whilst for the most part new 'guest stars' seemed to follow well, sometimes those chosen would hilariously misinterpret what the made-up-gibberish speaking protagonists were actually aiming for. The language used throughout is beautiful, a mix of absolute nonsense language with the occasional word thrown in for clarity or comedy, actually make that clarity and comedy.

Quite honestly I would watch this show every day of it's run if I could. Carousel is a small venue and so get your tickets fast as I have a sneaking suspicion sell-outs are on their way. If this show does not win Pick of Fringe I will eat my schmeogledug (that's an invisible cat, if you didn't know).