Edmonton Fringe 2017!

After a surprisingly successful run with Chris & Travis at the Regina Fringe, and street performing at the Saskatoon Fringe, I've arrived in Edmonton with the new show, Unscriptured.

Currently scrambling for props, making all the last minute tweaks¹, and worrying.

If you're in Edmonton, come and see: tickets.

¹read: wholesale changes

Summer touring and a (gulp) brand new show.

I'll be in three cities, this summer:

1. Regina in early July for the Fringe with Chris & Travis, likely doing our No Language thing.

2. Saskatoon in early August, street performing as a magician.

3. Then Edmonton Fringe later in August, with a brand new show. Unscriptured is a solo improv show in which I lead a church service for a religion made up on the spot, based on an audience suggestion. I'm terrified.

4. Back in Vancouver in September I'll be doing Vancouver Fringe with Chris & Travis, possibly doing all 7 shows as No Language sets, but not yet decided...

Pacific Contact 2017

Just won "Best Booth" award at Pacific Contact in Vancouver. Definitely going to learn the wrong lesson from this.


I'll be offering a workshop with Chris Ross at the end of January (Sunday the 29th, 12-4pm). The workshop will be on clown technique for improvisers, sharing tools from the world of clown that we have found useful for improv. You can sign up here!


Rehearsals have just started for Instant Theatre's February season show, Hype!, an improvised hip hop opera. I've taken on the role of assistant director for this show, and the cast is blowing my mind. It's going to be amazing.

This exists?

After eight years I probably hold the record for "longest amount of time for a full time performer to go without a website", but that era is now over.

I never thought this day would come.